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By now, you probably realize that life, business, and investing seldom go as scripted. There are far too many variables. That’s why it’s smart to have contingency plans.  Burning bridges, going all in to do or die sounds good in a motivational speech. But, in the real world when stakes are high, it’s prudent to have a backup or two or three.  It is why skydivers wear two parachutes, buildings have back doors, soldiers have handguns, loans have foreclosure provisions, and people carry insurance.  Contingency plans give you the flexibility to pivot in response to the MANY things in life you can’t predict or control.

The bad news is that for many people, backup options are limited due to lack of resources or control over one’s time.  Of course, a great way to solve this problem is to create large streams of passive income. And passive income covers your living expenses, you're at critical mass.  That's good. But while it might mean a nice retirement, it could be MUCH more.  After all, once you’re no longer trading time for dollars you have the capacity to focus on growing your wealth and freedom bigger and faster.

For many people, Plan A is to work hard, pay taxes, live frugally, save small, and invest slowly. It works, but it takes a L-O-N-G time to get to critical mass.  Worse, if you only have one source of income and your job or business suffers a severe setback, then Plan A falls apart and you end up consuming your savings. That's bad.

But there is GOOD news …

There are ways to combine earning an income with your investing.  Most people do each separately. Worse, because earning an income is needed to live, yet is the most taxed, many earners spend 40-60 hours a week simply trading time for dollars. Then, IF they have any extra time and money, they use their precious personal time to invest often giving their investing part-time attention.

But when your full-time "job" is a business YOU own and it's about creating partnerships with private investors to do bigger deals you can actually get PAID to invest.  Even better, you earn profit sharing from your total pool of capital you're managing. And a small percentage of a HUGE number is better than all of a small one.  It's called "syndication" and it's arguably the BEST opportunity in both business and real estate investing, especially RIGHT NOW.

Syndication is a great Plan B for any small business owner, corporate manager, or salesperson in an industry suffering from what’s happening.  Think about it; Like it or not, the folks in charge are pumping trillions of dollars into the system. Some goes into bonds and keeps interest rates down. That’s good for real estate.  Some goes into the stock market to keep the green lights flashing. Yet many stock investors are nervous the party could turn ugly, fast. Because it could.  Some of those trillions of dollars will be looking for a more stable Plan B - real estate is an attractive option.

The great news is that if your current Plan A income is working, you can get into the syndication business part-time.  Of course, if your Plan A falls apart, then you’ll have your syndication business to save the day. More likely, your syndication business will become Plan A.

That's because very few people have a job or business with the same upside as real estate syndication. Do you? But even when syndicating becomes your MAIN thing, it still has a lot of Plan B inside it. That's because when you syndicate across markets, niches, and investors, you have multiple Plan B’s built into your Plan A.

That is to say, syndication is both scalable and diversified. Most people's incomes and investments aren't. 

1)Consider the path YOU are currently on going into 2021, does it have a lot of upside? Or

2) Are you limited? Are you balanced and diversified or is there single-point failure?

3) Are you at risk of being laid off or closed down? Or 

4) Can you write your own ticket?

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